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Final Fantasy XIV Farming Macro Generator

This is an utility I built for myself to help me manage the loot list when I'm organizing farming parties. All you have to do is write the name of a player next to the item he wants and a macro showing what items are called or free will be automatically generated. Once this is done copy/paste that macro in FFXIV and run the macro to show the loot list to the other players.

Before you can use the tool you will need to make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet in your own Google Drive account since the original file is locked.


Usage guide

Click the link above to open the FFXIV Farming Macro Generator;
Open the file menu and select "Make a copy...". This will make a copy of the file in your own Google Drive account and you can change the name if you wish;

The unlocked copy of the file should open automatically. Enter the name of your party members next to the item they wish to obtain;

Scroll down to find the generated macro. Select the cells containing the macro, right click on it and select "Copy";

In the game, paste the generated text in a new macro;

Run the macro!

Change log

Special thanks again to Satori Komeiji for adding the 3.2 patch content.
Click here to read the original post on Reddit.

Special thanks to RSFiye on Reddit also known as Satori Komeiji on Sargantanas for adding the 3.1 patch content.
Click here to read the original post on Reddit.

Version 1.1 : Added turns 10 to 13 of the Final Coil of Bahamut.

Version 1.0 : Original release.