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Cogeco Bandwith Meter 1.1

Cogeco Bandwith Meter is a software for Cogeco Cable Inc. Internet customers.

The software will let you see your Internet usage instantly in only one click on they tool tray icon! It gets your Internet usage data directly from Cogeco so you know exactly how much you used.


Windows XP, 7, 8.1 or 10
Java 7 or higher


Usage guide

The software is very simple to use. Follow these easy steps :

Install and launch the software;
Click the "Settings" button;
Write your Cogeco username and password;
Click the "OK" button;
Click the "Refresh" button;
Wait about 30 seconds for the data usage to be downloaded.

Other settings

You can keep the default values for the other settings but if you wish to change them here's what they do :

Update time : Defines at which time the software update your usage data. If you start the software after the update time your usage data will be updated automatically at launch.
Keep in tray when closed : If you check this option the software will minimize to tray instead of closing when you click the X button in the title bar.
Start minimized : The software will start minized to tray. Useful if you don't want it to show up if you choosed to automatically start it with Windows.


Q: How do you measure the Internet usage?
A: The software doesn't measure anything. It gets the information directly from the "My Account" page from Cogeco's website.

Q: Why is there no data usage for the current day?
A: Cogeco only shows the data usage up to the previous day so that's all the software can get.

Q: Why is the default update time at 7:30 AM?
A: Testing over a few days showed that Cogeco update its website between 4:00 and 6:00 every day.

Q: How can I choose to start (or not) the software automatically with Windows?
A: The easiest way would be to run the setup file again. You can also create a shortcut (or delete it) to the software in the "Startup" folder of the Start menu.

Q: Do you collect any information?
A: Nothing at all, the software connects only to Cogeco's website.


Version 1.1
Fixed an issue where the data would not show up if you changed modem recently.

Version 1.0
Original release.